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Freelance Writer (Lifestyle, Mental Health, Relationships, Business, and Animals) | Editor-in-Chief — Creatures | CEO — Build Your Voice (BYV)

Entrepreneur | Freelancer

Your quirky Canadian

Hey everyone,

It’s lovely to meet you all! My name’s Darby Days, I’m a 22-year-old writer, editor, and creative mentor. I live in Toronto with my two cats, two rabbits, and one monkey (my partner).

Me as an individual in short:

  • I’m an animal enthusiast, mental health advocate, and unqualified therapist to friends and family.
  • I’d like to think of my three descriptors as quirky, funny, and caring.
  • I’m very open about having Generalized Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.
  • My favourite foods are spaghetti bolognese, red curry, and Wendy’s burgers.
  • My biggest accomplishments are my Medium publication ‘Creatures’, my online initiative…

Self-love | Mental health

Use this strategy to transform your self-esteem

Photo by Billie on Unsplash

I’ve gained 50+ pounds since the first Toronto lockdown in March of 2020. I wish I could say that I’m thriving in this new body, but that’s not the case. These past 365 days have been hellish for my self-esteem and body image.

I grew up being stick thin; I could eat anything I wanted and not stretch an inch. Throughout University my metabolism started to slow, but Coronavirus has officially thrown my skinny-bod out the window. Now, I’m stuck here, trying to figure out how to not hate myself and the skin I wear.

I recently posted a picture…

Build your voice | Online initiative

Your questions answered

Author’s Own

To join BYV, click here:


Build Your Voice (BYV) is an online initiative that supports creators in their personal branding journeys (no, these aren’t voice classes LOL).

This initiative isn’t just for Creatures writers, it’s for anyone. BYV is for individuals who want to learn about their voice, want to explore who they are and how they can speak their minds. It’s for creatives who need support, aspirational entrepreneurs, and professional writers seeking an alternative perspective.

I deeply understand how difficult it is to build up the courage to speak your mind, how overwhelming it is to join a community and shape a brand…

Disability rights

Photo by Lauren Rachael Photography/used with permission

I never have to think about life in my day-to-day existence, I just live. I can go into any store, I can walk down any street, and I can talk to most people and feel respected. And though I wouldn’t describe myself as ableist, I can’t say that I have been a trustworthy advocate for accessibility and disability rights.

I have watched people in wheelchairs wait outside of a store while their loved one ran an errand because there were steps to enter the building… I have watched this and said nothing, felt nothing. This is a problem.


These facts will keep you and your pet calm in trying times


Three weeks ago we took in our latest foster animal, Roscoe. Roscoe is a two-year-old lab mix from Florida. He wasn’t quite ready for adoption when he arrived in Toronto, due to his emaciation and diarrhea. As soon as I heard about his case, I knew he was the perfect fit for our home; I am an expert at making animals fat haha!

It had been about a year since our last canine foster contract; needless to say, I was ecstatic about the opportunity.

Soon after we picked him up, I remembered how much effort goes into caring for a…

Newsletter | BYV

Screenshot by author

Attention Creatures writers and supporters!!!

All May BYV interviews are now available to the public. There are 3+ hours of footage and 5 professional perspectives at your fingertips!

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Links are listed below!

Jordan Hart (Musician & Producer) —

Zulie Rane (Writer & Content Creator) —

Kern Carter (Author & Publisher) —

Jared Brookes (Photographer & Creative) —

Jessica Santa (PR Specialist) —


Please give a warm welcome to our 2nd official team member ❤

Len grew up with cats, dogs, and fish as pets, but also has a family of rabbits living under his backyard shed. In recent years he’s learned about pet personalities and has donated to animal rights organizations.

In 2005 Len founded Elite Writing Enterprises, a freelance copywriting business. When he was a member of Helium (2007–2011), he authored more than 160 magazine-style articles and became part of the editing team.

In July of 2014, Len self-published The Black Orb, an interactive fantasy/adventure e-book based on his early role-playing gamer days and various life experiences.

In August of 2015, he self-published…

This initiative was created FOR YOU ❤


The Build Your Voice (BYV) Program is celebrating its 3rd month of existence, and I’m so proud of how far we’ve come! Our community is growing fast, and I would LOVE for YOU to be a part of the fun!

The Creatures community is one of the most supportive and engaged group of users I’ve ever encountered; I would love to take this relationship and positive energy one step further.

Click here to join BYV RIGHT NOW!

Read below for more info!

Build Your Voice (BYV) is an online initiative that supports creators in their personal branding journeys (no, these aren’t voice classes LOL).

This initiative isn’t just for Creatures writers, it’s…

Music | Humor

Coronavirus has made me 10x more emotional


Disturbia — Rihanna (2008)

It’s a thief in the night

To come and grab you

It can creep up inside you

And consume you.

Coronavirus is scary as sh*t. Despite the research, there’s no way to calculate how severely the disease will affect you if you get it.

Hey Ya! — Outkast (2003)

We get together

Oh, we get together

But separate’s always better when there’s feelings involved

Know what they say -its.

I love my partner, I do, but Corona Virus has presented the biggest challenge in our six years of being together. …

Education | Animal Advocacy

Will we see a spike? Maybe, maybe not.


Guest Author: Phil Nichols- COO of Toronto Humane Society

Recently, there has been a number of articles and news pieces circulating about a surge of return adoptions and surrenders due to people returning to “normal” as pandemic restrictions ease across different countries. Notably, the attention seems to be on highlighting the current situation in the UK and the United States.

However, at this point in time, there has been little evidence presented to support this aside from independent animal welfare agencies experiencing local “spikes”. In fact, some of the evidence cited as validating concerns surrounding a spike in adoption “failures” speaks to the exact opposite. In a BBC news…

Darby Days

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